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Spencer City Star



Mayor Earnest Ware



Name: Earnest D.W. Ware, I :Place of Birth: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Place of Residence: Spencer, Oklahoma, for the past 50 years. Business Background: Currently a self employed consultant in Spencer, Oklahoma. Former positions included: Manager of Operations/Marketing for Integris Mental Health and Program Director for Integris Group Home, Youth Services of Oklahoma County, Community Health Centers and YWCA Crisis Intervention Services. Organizational Affiliations and Accomplishments: Member of the Task Force to Reduce Gang Violence, the NAACP, All or None of Us, and the Oklahoma Health Care Project. He is a four (4) term Councilmember (Vice Mayor) for City of Spencer. He was the 1st ever non-attorney appointed President of Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma Board. In 2003 he was appointed to Oklahoma Board of Corrections by Governor Henry and currently serves as Board secretary. He is currently serving on numerous subcommittees including State Interface, Female Offender Management, telephone and medical. He also chairs the legislative subcommittee and serves as precinct chairman for the Oklahoma Democratic Party. Educational Background: Graduated for University of Central Oklahoma in 1990 with a degree in Criminal Justice. Other Facts: Mr. Ware is married, has four sons, 1 granddaughter and 1 grandson. He is also raising his niece and nephew. What to you wish to accomplish while seated on the Council?  “My desire is to enhance economic development, promote unity within the community and improve the overall quality of life for all citizens in Spencer.”


City Councilmember Bob Zaring


Name: Robert Bob K. Zaring Place of Birth: Indiana Place of Residence: Spencer, Oklahoma for approximately 11 years. Business Background: Currently self employed as a Bookkeeper for local Non-Profit Organizations. In 1997 Mr. Zaring retired from GE Aviation as a Program Manager of military jet engines. He is also a retired Lieutenant Colonel from United States Air Force after 21 years of service, 10 of which he was a Navigator of the Airborne Warning and Control Wing (AWAC) at Tinker Air Force Base. He was also a Procurement Officer. Organizational Affiliations and Accomplishments: Secretary of Spencer Chamber of Commerce, Member of Spencer Historical Society and Garden Club and Deacon at Victory Fellowship Church. Educational Background: Graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Masters Degree in Business Administration and holds a Bachelors Degree in Electronics Technology from Arizona. Other Facts: Mr. Zaring is married and has 6 children, 18 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. What to you wish to accomplish: while seated on the Council?  “I hope to provide a better since of business operations and to improve current bookkeeping practices. I also want to help citizens better understand how a municipal government funds are acquired and spent.  I also hope to improve the relationships between the City and Civic Organizations.”


The City of Spencer Says Goodbye

to City Council Member Canaday


Citizens, joined by City staff gathered to say goodbye to Ward 1 - City Council Member Tonni Canaday at the March 15th City Council Meeting. Mrs. Canaday was voted into office after a three way split of the vote (Canaday -181, Olds-121, and Markowitz-95) on April 1st 2004.  Mrs. Canaday’s focus during her tenure as council member were parks, code enforcement, labor matters, animal control, and the general operation of the city.  Having previously served as the city’s Animal Control Officer, Ms. Canaday was also called on to help with large animal control issues.  She served a brief stint on the Spencer Advisory Board.  She will continue to be active in the community and the Spencer Chamber of Commerce. The City wishes Ms. Canaday well in her future endeavors.


Spencer Fire Chief Ron Cummings



In our early edition of the Spencer City Star, we reported to you that an attack had been launched by the State Fire Pension to force the city to remove our Fire Chief, Ron Cummings due to his age.  The city’s position was this act was tantamount to age discrimination and beyond the Pension’s scope to influence hiring at the municipal level. After a string of briefs and motions, on April 6th, the legal staff attended a hearing in the court of District Judge Dan Owens.  Judge Owens determined that age is not sufficient reason to bar an otherwise qualified person to hold the position of Fire Chief. Chief Cumming will not be to be a part of the State Fire Pension but is allowed to keep the position and be a part of the city’s retirement plan for non-uniformed employees.  The city is elated that we will be able to keep our chief.  Chief Cumming is a graduate of Star Spencer High School, has had many courses in fire fighting techniques, grant management, and has gandered a great relationship with the Fire Fighters in the Department.  We are glad this matter has been brought to a close and look forward to a long, healthy relationship with Chief Cummings.


Olan Boydstun named Acting Police Chief while search is underway!


The city is proud to announce that Asst. Chief/Det. Olan Boydstun has been named Acting Chief of Police while the search, interview process, and selection of new Chief takes place.  Chief Boydstun has over 30 year of experience in law enforcement, 20 of which have been served in the City of Spencer. “There was a time” Chief Boydstun recalls “When Spencer had only a Chief and three (3) patrolman.”  The department has since expanded to include: Chief of Police, Assistant Chief, five (5) patrol officers, and six (6) reserve officers. 


Chief Boydstun is a pleasure to be around and loves to tell jokes. The City is blessed to have him serve in this capacity while the application review process continues. Currently Chief Boydstun is representing the City of Spencer at the Action Center’s work with Rollins Realty to get a Youth Rally and Dialogue Event in Spencer, much like the one offered a few weeks ago in Oklahoma City. Place of Birth: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Where was your 1st Law Enforcement Position: Reserve officer for Forrest Park, Oklahoma Why did you come to work for Spencer? “Grew up in community, graduated from SS in 1973 and just wanted to come home to provide a service. Family Status: Married  What is your most significant accomplishment in law enforcement? “The satisfaction knowing that I have given my best to serve my fellow man” What is his most significant act as a police officer in Spencer: “Commitment as a seeker of truth as an investigator”



Employment Vacancies




City Clerk Treasurer – Acts as the treasurer for all city receipts, oversees customer billing, and is the sole record keeper of all city documents, proceedings, journals, agendas, and minutes.  Submit your resume materials to PO Box 660, Spencer, OK  73084. Police Chief – Leads the police department in the protection of the citizens, maintaining peace, and order in the City.  Submit your resume materials to PO Box 660, Spencer, OK  73084. Water Wastewater Operator – C level licensing required for water and wastewater operations.  Submit resume to wwaterworks@sbcglobal.net or PO Box 660, Spencer, OK  73084.  Police Reserve – Assists fulltime police staff with the protection of the citizens.  This is a volunteer position.  Successful candidate must be willing to meet the shift quota.  Candidates with CLEET certification are most welcome.  Candidate must be willing to purchase their own uniforms and equipment.  For more contact information and applications, call Acting Chief Boydstun of the Spencer Police Department at 771-3798.  Volunteer Fire Fighters – Assists fulltime fire staff with the protection of life and property. Candidates with EMT and Fire Fighter I are preferred.  Candidates must be willing to purchase their own uniforms, work the desired number of shift/hours, and live within a 10 mile radius of the city boundaries for quick response times. Contact Chief Cummings at the Spencer Fire Department from 8 to 5 at 771-3621 for an application.  All applicants must have a clean background and submit to a drug test.  For more details on these and other positions of the City of Spencer, please see the city’s website.  www.cityofspencer.us.


Thank You for your Support

Submitted By Nicole Mukes



Thank you for supporting the Pet Vaccination Clinic on April 14th.  Keeping pets in Spencer in healthy condition is a part of making our community a desirable one. The City of Spencer is committed to helping you take care of your pets.  Below is information we believe you may find helpful in keeping healthy pets.

                Since the recent pet food contamination, many pet owners are committed to keeping their pets safe by preparing their meals at home.  To assist you in developing a dietary plan that supports your dogs needs while keeping them safe, a list foods you should avoid feeding your dog is shown below: Grapes * Onions * Nutmeg * Yeast Dough * Fatty Foods * Coffee Grounds * Apples * Baking Power and Baking Soda * Peaches * Avocados * Raisins * Garlic * Dairy Products * Moldy or Spoiled Food * Chocolate * Macadamia Nuts * Apricots * Cherries * Alcoholic Beverages *Plums. For more information on care for your pet, consult our local library or the Internet.


Contract with the Fire Fighters Approved

  City’s Last Best Offer Accepted


The City of Spencer finalized its 2006-2007 Contract with the International Association of Professional Fire Fighters (IAFF) after a decision by the Arbitration Panel to accept the city’s last best offer. The arbitration panel was composed of two interest arbitrators: Arland Perkins, for the City and Hal Blackburn, for the IAFF and Charles Overstreet from Mesquite Texas appeared as the neutral arbitrator. Wages, uniforms, acting out of class pay, pay incentives for working holidays, increased contributions to their retirement, and terms for call back were bargaining issues for this term.  The parities arrived at an agreement on all items with the exception of wages. The city suggested a wage increase equal to the cost of living adjustment determined by the Department of Labor (3.4%) while the fire fighters requested a 16% increase in pay for each fire fighter. The firefighter’s exhibits quoted earnings from vocations such as plumbers, brick masons, and protective service technicians from the “Oklahoma City Bulletin”.  The City presented exhibits on Spencer population, annual budget, and tax receipts.  Negotiations for the 2007-2008 contract are currently underway.


Are You Registered to Vote in Spencer, Oklahoma?


This past election cycle, some Spencer residents were dismayed to find they could not vote because they hadn’t updated their registration to show their new Spencer address. If you’ve not updated your voting address, please come by Spencer City Hall.  We have Oklahoma County Voter Registration Applications available for pick up.  You may have received an application in your Spencer Welcome Packet or when you came to open a new utility account. So check your packet. If not, those with internet access may download an application on line at http://www.state.ok.us/~elections/voterreg.html.


Don’t get left out of the decision making process! Update your registration today!


Spencer Unity Day is On the Way!!

September 8th 2007


Call for local acts and performers!  We know Spencer has talent.  Please submit yourself or your group to fill one of the performance slots for Spencer Unity Day!  We are looking for dance groups, fine arts toups, singers, bands, and choirs.  Let’s show Oklahoma how talented the residents of Spencer really are. The show will begin at 6:00 p.m. and last until approximately 11:00 p.m.  Vendors will sell wares, art, and/or food are encouraged to reserve their booth space now! Booths are $20 each.  Proceeds from this event will go to support the operations of the Spencer Police Department.  Donations and sponsorships for the event are now being sought.  For more information on performing at the event, contact Sheila Bell for application details.  To reserve a booth, make a donation, or to become a sponsor call Karen Scovill.