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Spencer City Star




Comprising over 70% of the Earth’s surface, water is undoubtedly the most precious natural resource that exists on our planet. Without the seemingly invaluable compound comprised of hydrogen and oxygen, life on Earth would be non-existent. 

Oklahoma has approximately 11,611 miles of shoreline, slightly less than the estimated combined general (nontidal) coastline of the Atlantic, Gulf, Pacific, and Arctic Coasts (12,383 miles). Oklahoma has approximately 78,578 miles of rivers/streams.  Oklahoma's longest river is the Beaver/North Canadian River (766 miles); the Red River is the second longest (592 miles). Oklahoma contains approximately 1,120 square miles of water area in its lakes and ponds.  Oklahoma's largest lake in surface area is Eufaula (105,000 acres); Lake Texoma is second (88,000 acres). The state's largest lake in conservation storage is Texoma (2.6 million acre-feet of water); Eufaula is second (2.3 million acre-feet). Irrigation is the number one use of water in Oklahoma; water supply is a close second, followed distantly by livestock watering. Groundwater accounts for almost 90 percent of total irrigation water use in Oklahoma. The majority of the state's surface water (approximately 60 percent) is used for public water supply, followed by thermoelectric power generation and irrigation. Ninety-five percent of all fresh water on earth is ground water. Ground water is found in natural rock formations. These formations, called aquifers, are a vital natural resource with many uses. The City of Spencer receives it’s water supply from two different aquifers: the upper aquifer is associated with alluvial (soil deposits left by running water) of the North Canadian River, and the lower one is associated with the Garber-Wellington Formation. The Garber-Wellington Formation is the primary ground water resource for this area. State Water Quality Reports indicate that, overall, Oklahoma’s ground water quality is good to excellent, but many local areas have experienced ground water contamination, due to pollutants being deposited into lakes & streams via storm drains. Because storm drains can be a major source of pollution to our waterways, it is important to keep polluting materials out of them.  To help keep our storm drains and water supply clean, here are some useful suggestions:  Household Waste Many household products we use daily contain toxic materials that can threaten public health and the environment. Dispose of all unused household hazardous wastes at your local disposal site. Fertilizers contain large amounts of chemicals that are good for lawns and plants when used properly. If you spill fertilizers, sweep them up, do not wash them into the streets and storm drains and never apply fertilizers before a heavy rain is anticipated. Pesticides and Herbicides The toxins found in pesticides and herbicides can runoff lawns and gardens into storm drains and streams whenever it rains. Minimize the use of pesticides and herbicides and use alternatives if possible.  Make sure that all directions and warnings are read before use.  Paint Donate your old paint to community groups. Dispose of oil-based and lead paints at your local household hazardous waste collection site. Anti-freeze can seriously deplete oxygen from water, and can be harmful to all plant and animal life, including humans. Recycle your used anti-freeze. Motor Oil Recycle your used motor oil. Never pour used motor oil down a storm drain or onto your grass or driveway. Street Litter and Plastic Plastics take hundreds of years to biodegrade and can be harmful to birds and animals who mistake them for food. Put litter into garbage cans, never throw it into storm drains or the street. Recycle as much plastic and other materials as possible.


Will hold their Annual Ice Cream Social and Homemade Ice Cream Contest at Ben Black Park on August 26th, 6 p.m. till ???. Hope to see you there!


On June 29th, 2006, Spencer’s Fire Department received a Rural Fire 80/20 Reimbursement Grant of $6,095.00 from the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. Senator Connie Johnson, along with Oklahoma’s Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Director John C. Burwell presented the Chief, Ron Cummings, with the check during a presentation ceremony held at the Spencer Fire Department. Also, in attendance were Vice Mayor Earnest Ware and Nicole Mukes’ assistant, Karen Scovill. The reimbursement grant funded 80% of the total cost to repair the leaky roof at the fire department and the City of Spencer supplied the remaining 20%. The total cost of repairs totaled $9,517.50. “This Program is beneficial to all small cities and towns” said Chief Cummings, “and I am very grateful to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry” For more information on Fire Reimbursement Grants visit the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry’s website at http://www.ok.gov/~okag/index.htm or contact Spencer City Hall at (405) 771-3226.


Area parks have suffered damage due to the mindless vandalism that has taken place in our community and the blatant  lack of respect is destroying what the citizens of Spencer have created with their tax dollars!  During the twilight hours, Kringlen Park has suffered significant and repeated damage. Incidents have also occurred before, during, and after events held at the park. Broken windows in the announcer’s booth, destruction of electrical boxes, and the theft of hydrants and sanitary receptacles only name a few.

City staff and employees are encouraging Spencer citizens to join together, and participate in a “Vandalism Action Plan” to identify the need for the active reporting of vandalism. Reporting is the first, and most important, step citizens can take to help stop vandalism in our community. These mindless acts are taking money away from the recreational programs and facilities that were intended to create a safe environment for citizens, family, friends and neighbors to enjoy. Park users are not the only ones affected by this destruction. You, the taxpayers, are having to foot the bill to repair the damage.

Here's what you can do to help prevent and address vandalism: Always call and report a crime in progress, including vandalism. If you have information about a crime that has already occurred call the Police Department at 771-3798.

Spencer Police Department would like to remind you to turn on your porch light at night. Using external lighting can be an excellent deterrent to burglars, vandals, and other unwelcome visitors.


In order to better serve you, the City Manager will offer extend her office hours on the following dates:       August 17th  5:00—7:00 p.m.            August 24th  5:00—7:00 p.m.            August 31st  5:00—7:00 p.m.

Utility, Code Enforcement, Court & City Clerk departments will maintain regular business hours.


July 1st was the beginning of a new Fiscal Year. If you have not done so, please contact the City Clerk’s office about renewing your license. Funding from this source provides valuable needs of the city. Failure to pay may result in penalties.


A pit bull is defined as a bull terrier; a Staffordshire Bull Terrier; an American pit bull terrier; or an American Staffordshire Terrier. To keep such dog, in the City of Spencer, you will be subject to the following standards:  Registration—All pit bull dogs shall be registered by the owner with the animal welfare department of the city . If you are not in compliance please do so immediately. Leash and Muzzle—A registered pit bull dog must be kept in a kennel or pen unless such dog is securely leashed. The leash must be no longer than four (4) feet. Restraining a pit bull dog  on a chain, rope or other type of leash is prohibited. Also, don’t leash the dog to trees, posts, buildings, etc. Muzzles are also required to prevent the dog from biting. Confinement—All registered pit bull dogs shall be confined indoors or in a securely enclosed and locked pen or kennel. Pens, kennels or structures where dogs are kept must have secure sides and a secure top attached to the sides. These structures must be locked with a key or combination lock when such animals are within the structure.  Structures must have a secure bottom or floor attached to the sides of the pen or the sides of the pen must be embedded in the ground no less than two (2) feet. Confinement Indoors—No Pit bull dog may be kept on a porch, patio or in any part of a house or structure that would allow the dog to exit such building on its own volition. Signs—All owners or keeper of registered pit bulls dogs shall display in a prominent place on their premises a sign easily readable by the public using the words “Beware of Dog.” In addition, a similar sign is required to be posted on the kennel or pen of such animal. Insurance—All owners or keepers of registered pit bull dogs must provide proof of public liability insurance in a single incident amount of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) for bodily injury to or death of any person or persons or for damage of property owned by any persons which may result from the ownership, keeping or maintenance of such animal. Such insurance policy shall provide that no cancellation of the policy will be made unless ten (10) days written notice is first given to the Animal Control officer. Identification Photographs—All owners or keepers of registered pit bull dogs must provide  two (2) color photographs of the registered animal clearly showing the color and approximate size of the animal.  Name and address should be written on back of photo. Reporting Requirements—Report the following information within ten (10) days: Removal from the city, death of a registered pit bull dog;  birth and offspring of a registered pit bull dog; or the new address of a registered pit bull dog owner. Sale or Transfer of Ownership Prohibited—No person shall sell, barter or in any other way dispose of a pit bull dog registered with the city to any person within the city unless the recipient person resides permanently in the same household and on the same premises as the registered owner of such dog; provided that the registered owner of a pit bull dog may sell or otherwise dispose of a registered dog or the offspring of such dog to persons who do not reside within the city.   Animals Born of Registered Dogs—All offspring born o f pit bull dogs registered with the city must be removed from the city within six (6) weeks of the birth of such animal.

Violations— Any person violation or permitting the violation of any provision of this shall upon conviction in municipal court be fined, including costs, of not exceeding Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00). In addition to the fine imposed, the court may sentence the defendant to  imprisonment for a period not to exceed Thirty (30) days.  For a full-version copy of this, or any ordinance, please fill out an Open Records Request at City Hall (.25¢ per copy).


First and foremost, we would like to thank our readers. Your support and suggestions help to promote a better newsletter. We appreciate your  interest in the community news.

This month the City of Spencer would like to thank the following people: Student Interns - We appreciate your service and commitment, thank you. (Internships are still available, if anyone is interested ) Oklahoma County - The arena looked outstanding, thank you for preparing the grounds for the 4th of July Rodeo.  Fundraiser Participants - Thank you for your generous donations. Spencer Cougars Youth Football is well on its way to getting their scoreboard.


AUGUST 26th Daniel Tipton’s 5th Annual Pony Express Rodeo. Parade 11:00 a.m. Rodeo 5:00 p.m. at Kringlen Park. Several big events, including: Calf Roping, Bull Doggin’, Bull Riding, Ladies Barrels, Jr. Barrels, Team Roping and more. For information contact Mr. Tipton at 771-3989.

AUGUST 27th Youth Riding Camp’s Back to School Rodeo 6:30 p.m. at Kringlen Park. For more information, please contact Rita Cooksey at 205-2020.


Unity Day is just around the corner. To reserve a Vendors Booth call City Hall at 771-3226. Don’t wait, reserve now! Additional information will be available on our website at www.cityofspencer.usUnder the Unity Day 2006 tab. Hope to see you there!

The Spencer City Star is designed and edited by Karen Scovill and Nicole Mukes.