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Spencer City Star

April 2007


Stop the Growth of the

NE Landfill

(Submitted by Earnest Ware)


I am calling for the people of Spencer to stand with me to fight against the expansion and operation of the NE landfill located on our western border.  The Mayor and I voted against it in order to preserve our city’s economic future.  Understand that this fight is much bigger than just the city council or city staff.  We must involve the citizens of Spencer to help us take this to the highest level of government we can.  Spencer’s life depends on it.


The landfill came about through legislation that removed many of the much-needed regulations on the operation and placement of landfills. That was then and this is now. The fight against the landfill must be re-ignited as we were contacted by government officials letting us know that an application filed with the Department of Environmental Quality would allow the expansion of the land area the dump covers as well as allowing disposal of household trash. My greatest concern has been for the water quality of the residences near the landfill as well our ability to attract more businesses to the area. With the recent permit to add household trash, my concern grows greater still. After countless calls and letters of complaint to state officials, we find our cries for help still unheard.


The war is not yet over and we have many battles left to fight.  So far the city passed a new ordinance on February 9th.  The ordinance adds more restrictions on landfills and other waste disposal sites in the city. With the guidance of legal and city staff, a document called a Notice of Lis Pendanse was filed on February 21, 2007.  This document makes any new owners beholden to the terms from the previous settlement agreement (see picture above).  And “YES” the NE Landfill has been sold to new owners. You may be asking what else can possibly be done? I am glad you asked.  Here’s what we need you to do: *Tell your friends and neighbors about the growth of the landfill *Tell them about how it will negatively affect our city * Read the petition * Sign the petition * Demonstrate! The city must stand up and show our support for the growth of our city through the restriction of the landfill and possibly the overall closure of it once and for all. Lastly, also pending is a condemnation action to be taken on by the city. Condemning the landfill will bring it under city control allow us to convert it to a use that is more advantageous to our city. We will need your support in order to win this fight.  For information on picking up signs and demonstration schedules, please call my home office at 771-4725 during the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. or email me at warebus@cox.net.




Dumping grease down your kitchen sink causes problems for not only your household, but others that share the same sewer line with you.


To help prevent dumping and potential sewer stoppage caused by these disposals, the City of Spencer has installed a grease disposal bin at the Public Works building that is available Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The bin will be locked after these times to prevent the disposal of motor oil, trash or any other items.


Help the City, Help you! First think, keep the grease out of the sink.




 CALL 830-3826


Effective Immediately!!!!  All after hour Emergency Utility calls, will be directed to the Public Work’s Department telephone at 830-3826. Please update your records. Reminders will be announced on our website at www.cityofspencer.us, on the bottom of your utility bill, and in the next printing of the local phone book.







The doors in our homes and at the office are locked in an effort to keep unwanted intruders from gaining entry into our personal and/or professional lives. Locking doors makes us fell secure, knowing we have taken preventative measures to avoid becoming a victim.


In recent new reports published on television, and the internet, there are warnings of serious flaws in the security locks that we depend on for our safety. It’s not a “new” way for intruders to gain entry, but an old technique that was re-popularized with increased knowledge and availability of the computer and internet.


It’s called Lock Bumping or “Rapping” which is a lock picking technique for opening a pin tumbler lock using a specially-crafted bump key. The technique involves inserting the bump key into the lock and tapping the key once or twice with a mallet or similar device while applying a slight amount of force to the key. Compared to other lock picking techniques, lock bumping requires little or no skill, and almost anyone can do it if they have access to a bump key. The thought of an intruder gaining entry into the home or office that you securely locked is a frightening thought. 


When buying a security lock, it’s easy to think that the expensive locks made of hardened steel will offer us more protection. Unfortunately that’s not necessarily true. The hardened steel locks are actually more vulnerable because they are less prone to damage during the “bumping” process, which might cause a cheaper lock to jam. Locks with security pins make bumping a little more difficult, but not impossible.


When shopping for a deadbolt lock keep in mind that electronic (keyless entry), locks magnetic locks and locks using rotating disks are not vulnerable to this type of attack.


Pet Vaccination Clinic

 Spencer Fire Department

April 14th



Spencer Fire Department will host a pet vaccination clinic on Saturday, April 14th from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Vaccination cost are as follows: Yearly Vaccinations K9 & Feline $30, Bordetella Feline FIP $10 Each, Heart Worm Test $30 (Prevention Based on Weight), Frontline Flea & Tick Medication (Based on Weight).


Spencer Code of Ordinances, Section 4-122 LICENSE REQUIRED: REDUCED RATES OFFERED states “It is unlawful for any person to keep, own, possess, harbor or to allow to remain upon the premises under his control, within the city any dog without having obtained a license. The license fee is Ten Dollars ($10.00) per year for each dog and cat. All licenses shall expire on June 30th of each year. License fees shall be reduced by fifty percent (50%) with proof that the animal is spayed or neutered. A certificate from a licensed veterinarian shall serve as proof and must be submitted at the time of purchases.”


Spencer Code of Ordinances, Section 4-124 VACCINATION REQUIRED FOR LICENSE states:  “No license shall be issued for any dog or cat unless the dog or cat shall have first been vaccinated against rabies by a veterinarian within sixty (60) days prior to the issuance of such license for the dog or cat. There shall be delivered to the city clerk-treasurer prior to the issuance of such license, a certificate signed by a veterinarian, duly licensed to practice within the state, that the dog has been duly vaccinated , giving the date of the vaccination thereof. Thereafter and upon payment of the fee as provided by law, the city clerk-treasurer shall issue a license for the dog or cat..”


think you have a water leak?

Check the Toilet


Toilets are the single largest users of water in the home. For the average family 41% of their water consumption is by consumed by the Toilet.  A leaky toilet, usually caused by a warped or poor fitting flapper, can waste up to 200 gallons of water each day or in excess of $100 per year in water/sewer costs. If you believe you have a water leak , try the following test to determine if it is caused by your toilet:


Drop a few drops of food coloring in the tank (the back) of the toilet and wait a few minutes. Do not flush the toilet. If the food coloring makes it's way down to the bowl of the toilet there is a leak. When the toilet is running properly there will be no food coloring in the bowl.



Homeowner Occupied Rehabilitation (HOR)

Applications available


Applications for the Homeowner Rehabilitation Program are now available at Spencer City Hall at 8200 NE 36th Street. Homeowner’s interested in applying HOR provides assistance to low-income homeowners who lack the resources to make necessary repairs to their homes FREE OF COST.




Plant and Celebrate Trees



Arbor Day, April 27th, is the holiday observed throughout the nation that promotes the planting and celebration of trees. Live-giving oxygen, reduction of top soil, clean air, beautification of communities, reduced cooling costs, increased property values, spiritual renewal and joy are all provided by the planting of trees. To observe this special day the City of Spencer will be planting a tree in the Douglas Meadows Park on Saturday, April 28th, to promote the well-being of this and future generations.





 City of Spencer’s Utility Department cannot accept temporary checks or starter checks. Items of such nature

are considered non-negotiable by banking standards.


Placing temporary/starter checks in the night depository box will NOT prevent late charges or utility services from being discontinued, as they are NOT considered a valid form of payment.



Wrestling News

(Submitted by Coach Dana Johns)


Star Spencer’s Wrestling team broke 3 school records this year, had 6 state qualifiers and 2 state alternates. The team finished 9th overall at the state tournament. Making this our first top ten finish in the school’s history. Marquise Satterwhite was the state runner-up at 140 lbs. losing to the 2 time state champion from Locust Grove. Raymond Lane is the State Champion at 189 lbs by beating Tyson Yoder from Weatherford the defending state champion in overtime. Raymond was voted outstanding wrestler in class 3(A) at the state tournament, another first. We have only 4 state champions in our school history: Larry Johnson(1967), Detric Dean (1994), Bradley Nelson (2004) and Raymond Lane, a junior (2007).  We have 5 of 6 Juniors that went to the state this year coming back for their senior seasons: Marquise Satterwhite, Kendrick Johnson, Timothy Bobo, Dominique Russell, and Raymond Lane. Thanks for all your support.