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Clerk of the Court Duties

The municipal clerk of any municipality where a municipal court is established, or a designated deputy shall be the clerk of the municipal court unless the governing body establishes or authorizes a position of chief municipal court officer to serve as court clerk.

The court clerk shall have authority to carry out the duties of the position as required by law; provided, that the person who serves as court clerk may separately perform other duties for the municipality. The clerk of the court shall:

1. Assist the judge in recording the proceedings of the court, preparation of writs, processes, or other papers;

2. Administer oaths required in judicial or other proceedings before the court;

3. Be responsible for the entry of all pleadings, processes, and proceedings in the dockets of the court;

4. Perform such other clerical duties in relation to the proceedings of the court as the judge shall direct; and

5. Receive and give receipt for and disburse or deliver to the municipal treasurer all fines, forfeitures, fees, deposits, and sums of money properly payable to the municipal court. Such funds and sums of money while in the custody of the clerk shall be deposited and disbursed upon vouchers as directed by the municipal governing body.



City Ordinances Relating to Municipal Court