City Attorney

The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council for an indefinite term, and is removable by the City Council. The City Attorney is an officer of the City. The City Attorney is the Chief Legal Advisor of the Council and all other officers, departments, and agencies of the city government in matters relation to their official powers and duties.

He represents the city in proceedings in the courts, and performs all services incident to his position which may be required by law or ordinance. He shall attend regular meetings of the council and, prepare ordinances for the council. He shall receiver a regular salary as set by the council and, in addition thereto, receive reasonable fees for representing the city in lawsuits or controversies to which the city is a party, whether tried, settled or otherwise. He shall provide other special services as requested by the council or manager. When duly authorized by the council or manager, he shall receive a reasonable fee for special services.

The City of Spencer is represented by Pool, Blankenship, Pool & Vincent located in Oklahoma City.