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                                                                                                   WATER DEPARTMENT


The City of Spencer currently has a total of Five Water Wells located at strategic locations throughout the City. The water produced from the wells is disinfected via chlorination injection. Water operations are monitored each day by State Department of Environmental Quality certified Water Works Operators. Approximately 94 million gallons of water is pumped and treated each year with an average daily flow of 258 thousand gallons. The City currently has four auxiliary storage tanks with a storage capacity totaling 439,000 thousand gallons. The City of Spencerís water consistently meets or exceeds all quality parameters established and monitored by the Department of Environmental Quality.


Water Distribution


The City of Spencer currently has 24.75 miles of water mains that distribute water to a population of over 3,746 throughout its water service area via 1,170 meter connections. The Public Works Departmentís Water Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance and installation of all water meters within its service area. The charges for meter installation include labor, the cost of the meter, meter box, corporation stop valves and appurtenances. Meter installation charges do not include improvement (impact) fees. All the meters and appurtenances remain the property of the City of Spencer.


Application and payment for new meter installations should be made at City Hall, Utility Billing Customer Service Drive through Payment Center located at: 8200 NE 36th Spencer, Oklahoma 73084.  


Typical Maintenance Services provided are:


  • Leak repair on City-Owned water mains and service lines.
  • Meter shut-off valve repair/replacement.
  • High consumption investigation and resolution.
  • Low water pressure testing.
  • Meter replacement.
  • Turn-off and turn-on of water supply.
  • Meter box replacement.
  • Fire hydrant repair or replacement.


For requests for meter maintenance service or questions regarding water distribution system maintenance or water availability, contact the Public Works Department at (405) 771-3226.


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