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The City of Spencer has 300,000 gallons per day capacity wastewater treatment plant. The City’s wastewater is transmitted via collection mains and two primary lift stations. Approximately 1.9 million gallons of wastewater are transmitted each year.




Sewer Division


The Public Works Department Sewer Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the sewer mains that transmit all wastewater to the lift stations. This Division is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the twenty-eight City-owned and operated lift stations.


Information on sewer availability and sewer tap locations may be obtained by calling the Public Works Department at (405) 771-3226.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I need to have some plumbing work done; does the Public Works Department have a blueprint of where my sewer line from my house to the main is located?


A: The Public Works Department does not have copies of individual blueprints, “as builds”, of homes. We can provide you with the location of the City’s sewer main.


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