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Street Department


The City of Spencer covers approximately 5.2 square miles of streets, the Public Works Department’s Streets Division is responsible for maintenance and repairs to the City’s streets, right-of-way’s, storm water systems, and City-owned paved areas.


This includes:


  • Repairing defective pavement and curbing.
  • Striping center lines, crosswalks, and stop bars on City streets.
  • Striping City-owned paved areas.
  • Providing adequate legal and informational street signs.
  • Inspecting and trimming trees causing sight obstruction or traffic hazards along City right-of-way.
  • Reporting to Oklahoma Department of Transportation on needed maintenance and repairs of NE 23rd Street.
  • Reporting street lighting problems to OG&E.
  • Pothole Repairs.
  • Mosquito abatement.


Needed street repairs, street light outages, tree/sight obstruction, drainage problems, and street sign repairs should be reported to the Public Works Department at (405) 771-3226.

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