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Parks Department

Our Mission


To enhance the quality of life for the residents of the City of Spencer through the provision of programs, facilities, events, and services relative to recreation, fitness, sports, leisure, parks, and environmental preservation.


The Parks and Recreation Department prides itself on maintaining the highest levels of service. Parks personnel manage approximately 60 acres of land throughout the City which includes four City owned Parks. In addition, the Parks Division is also responsible for the routine maintenance and enhancement of various roadway intersections and the exterior landscape of numerous city facilities.


Our local parks include:


      1)   Silver Creek Park - 47th & Silvercreek Drive
      2)   Keith Hickox Park - 45th  & Ann Felton Way
      3)  Kringlen Park - 50th & Baker Street
      4)   Clover Park - Bentree Country Way in
      5)    McCoy Park - South of City Hall
If you'd like to donate or give input toward the development of a city park, please contact Karen Scovill at 771-3226.
Thank you.


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